What should I do if I get fired right now (three tips and three common mistakes)

Now each of us is at risk of being fired, or losing our business and the usual level of income.Tens of millions of people will experience this in the foreseeable future.Tens of millions of people will experience it in the coming months and years. In this article, we will talk about what should be done in the immediate aftermath of the crisis that has engulfed our economy.Three tips: first, try to delay the outbreak of the crisis in order to enjoy favorable circumstances. Take care of your body, mentally and physically.Second, do not buy dollars at the peak of the exchange rate (and do not buy any other currency, even during periods of heightened panic). third, do not buy Eurobonds (as it has risen sharply in recent days).These three tips will allow you to minimize the impact of adverse events and the associated risks. financial crisis on your business, financial position, and ability to earn money.Thanks to them, you will be able to mitigate some of the impact of the crisis and reduce its impact. the losses incurred.It is the combination of these three tips that will allow you to remain in the "game" and earn a comfortable retirement. multiples. By the way, you should not buy dollars at the peak of the peak of the volatility in the stock market.It is better to do this in advance, using a monthly averaging strategy or through a long-term investment strategy.That is why it is important to have a well-formed nest egg and a diversified investment portfolio. 1) Read my article " Where NOT to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article "what skills you need to become rich".